The Wall Walk

At the end of each Wall Walk, we challenge people to think of ONE thing they will do between now and 2040 to help grow positive bi-cultural relations in New Zealand.

“He iti te mokoroa, nāna i kati te kahikatea – The mokoroa (grub) may be small, but it cuts through the kahikatea (white pine tree)”.

What's your ONE thing?


Mentor young Māori and Pasifika through the Graduated Driver License Scheme and onto additional licenses and endorsements. This creates job opportunities and minimises contact with Police and Courts. Funding may even be available through the Community Road Safety Fund


Help 17 year old Māori to apply to enrol to vote on the Māori Electoral Roll. Once they turn 18, their application will mean they are automatically enrolled. They can decide whether or not they want to vote later.


Sign the petition to end streaming in our schools. It’s bad for everybody, especially Māori and 90% of schools still do it.


Take up kapa haka, waka ama, Iron Māori or any other activity that creates opportunities to forge trusting relationships between Māori and Pākehā


Build a Māori Business Directory and make it freely available, to encourage people to support Māori businesses. Māori business owners employ more Māori and pay them better


Teach your household about the Dawn Raids. Start by listening to the “Once a Panther” podcasts together – at home or on a roadtrip

Remove Bias

Introduce ‘ethnicity-blind’ decision-making processes in your organisation e.g. when recruiting, when promoting, when divvying up resources, when deciding whether or not to prosecute clients


Buy books and collections written by aspiring young Māori authors


Write to local MPs asking them to advocate for:

  • No more annual vehicle ‘rego’ – it’s tax by another name that doesn’t need to be paid annually.
  • ‘Tickets’ to be replaced by demerit points. This would minimise the unnecessary flow of people into Courts, silence accusations of revenue-gathering, reduce debt, and ensure rich and poor were punished consistently

Set Standards

Introduce “socially responsible contracting” by setting minimum standards for recruitment, retention and promotion of Māori by third party suppliers tendering for contracts


Ressurect the early 1980s ‘song play’ by Mervyn Thompson called “Songs to the Judges”. Talk to me if you’re interested – I have a digitally re-mastered copy of the album


Expand the Teen Parent Unit concept to more locations, ‘under 25s’ and Bachelor’s Degrees. And, spend the money on mums and bubs rather than ‘bricks and mortar’.


Donate to organisations like JustSpeak


Provide free tutoring to school-aged children of beneficiaries and prisoners


Create a ‘high-tech’ version of the past practice of linking well-off Māori with less well-off Māori to pay tuition fees. Sir A T Ngata and others used to personally pay people’s tuition fees to ensure they could attend the best schools.


Use the purchasing power of Māori collectives to get lower home-loan interest rates and discounted insurance premiums


Grow a catalogue of collateral consequences of contact with the NZ criminal justice system to shed light on ‘silent sentences’.


Abolish all ‘risk’ assessment tools that have not had the underlying assumptions and algorithms independently audited for racial discrimination

Be Yourself

Here’s a radical idea. Don’t do anything new. Just do whatever you’re good at. But do it for an Iwi, hapū, service provider or whānau – for free. It could be hairdressing for the homeless, house maintenance for single parents, policy advice for rūnanga, data mining for Iwi.


Join the movement to ‘unteach racism’