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Accessibility and cultural sensitivity

To make our courses accessible to hearing impaired and deaf communities we have taken all steps available to us to ensure that the videos produced by us provide captions. Links that we provide to third-party websites and content will not always have captions and auto-captions are sometimes unhelpful when translating from te reo Māori to English. We are continually striving to make all of the content accessible to the hearing impaired. We hope that inaccessible material (if any) does not impact your experience of The Wall Walk®.

Please be aware that certain, terms, or descriptions contained in our online course(s) may be culturally sensitive and may be considered inappropriate today. They may have reflected the author or creators’ attitude, or the language used in the period of which they were written.

We have endeavoured to make this website accessible to all and consequently this impacts the way images may display when accessibility functions are applied. We acknowledge the cultural sensitivities when photo images are altered that unintentionally crops the heads of people. The head is sacred or tapu according to many Māori and we have strived to ensure that this does not impact your experience.

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