The Wall Walk

Generations of New Zealand-born children weren’t taught the history of our country at school. Or, if we were, it was a version that was well past it’s ‘use by’ date. A handful had good teachers who knew their stuff. It’s partly thanks to them and the New Zealand History Teachers Association that our history has become a compulsory part of the school curriculum. That’s good news for kids at school today and in years to come. But it leaves many of the rest of us with gaping holes in our knowledge. ‘The Wall Walk On Demand’ tries to fill some of those gaps.

Many people have helped get the course to this point. From the senior leaders at NZ Police and MSD who supported the creation and development of The Wall Walk, to the ‘Wall Walkers’ who deliver workshops or are learning to do so, to the participants who bring their insights to every workshop. Contractors, test users, whānau and friends have all gone above and beyond the call of duty. This course is the culmination of our shared desire to learn more about who we are as people and as a nation.

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