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Topic 2

Follow the link(s) to the reading or viewing in the table. If links are broken, try googling some of the words and go from there:

Read/Watch/Listen Read this: https://maorilawreview.co.nz/2018/11/ka-kuhu-au-ki-te-ture-hei-matua-mo-te-pani-hon-justice-joseph-williams/
Chat Using the chat function, share your thoughts about what this legal maxim: Salus populi suprema lex esto – Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law has in common with this whakatauki (proverbial saying) from Te Kooti: Ka kuhu au ki te ture, hei matua mo te pani – I seek refuge in the law, for it is a parent of the oppressed
Visit Visit Rangiriri or Puanga Kai Rau Festival – the annual celebration of the Taranaki Māori new year