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Topic 2

Follow the link(s) to the reading or viewing in the table. If links are broken, try googling some of the words and go from there:

Read/Watch/Listen Watch the video at this link: https://www.teaomaori.news/new-book-cover-history-maori-parliament and read about the Māori Parliament here:



Chat Discuss the ways in which majority tyranny affects:


a)     Māori MPs’ ability to influence law-making? https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA0612/S00176/pita-sharples-speech-the-tyranny-of-the-majority.htm


b)     Māori representation in local Goverment (Māori wards)?

Visit If you’re not enrolled to vote but are eligible to enrol, then visit https://vote.nz/enrolling/enrol-or-update/enrol-or-update-online/ and get enrolled. Or support someone else to. This doesn’t mean that you (or they) have to vote but it could help to increase the number of Māori seats in Parliament. You can decide whether or not to actually vote when the next election comes around.