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Step 8 - Get Your Tohu & Fly Solo

Co-facilitating with Sim is not as scary as it sounds. You don’t have to be at the same standard as Sim who is delivering The Wall Walk multiple times each week. But you do need to open the hearts and minds of your audiences and stick with The Wall Walk format and style of delivery. Do those things and you will earn your tohu.

Once you’re certified the learning doesn’t stop. As your confidence and experience grows, you will naturally start to adapt the script and develop more of your own style of delivery. This is a good thing but remember not to stray too far from The Wall Walk formula. It works!

Having said that, The Wall Walk will continue to evolve. Co-facilitate with your peers from time to time, invite yourself along to watch Sim, and make sure you attend future ‘train the trainers’ sessions as tuakana.

May the force be with you!

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