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Step 5 - Personalise the Timeline & Attend ‘Train the Trainers’

Develop a method of personalising The Wall Walk. For example, Sim uses five generations of family photos to explain how the history of Māori-Crown relationships can affect whānau (i.e. loss of reo, inter-marriage, bi-cultural identity). You may not want, or be able to, use photos but you need to come up with a method for personalising The Wall Walk to help the audience understand the impact on real people and imagine themselves in the timeline.

From time to time we will run a ‘train the trainers’ session. Our most recent session was held in Wellington from 13 – 14 October 2021.

Join our Wall Walkers WhatsApp group. This is our main method of communicating. Download the APP and text Sim on 0276082719 asking to join.

It’s too soon to say when the next session will be held or where the funding will come from. We’ll let you know via WhatsApp in the first instance.

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