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Step 3 - Observe & Support

Observe 2-3 Wall Walks run by Sim and certified Wall Walkers, and provide the following support:

  • Arrive 45 minutes early to help with set up; be on the look out for tips & tricks
  • Create a playlist of modern Māori music & bring a bluetooth speaker to play it – as people are arriving and during breaks (Tip: singing along helps warm up your voice)
  • Ask the audience to lead opening and closing karakia and grace – there are lots of free APPs to guide them. If they’re too shy, you might need to do it.

Better still, perform this ancient waiata taught by Ruka Broughton to Moerangi to the Wall Walker whānau…

  • Be prepared to do the ‘Health & Safety’ briefing too. Venue management can run you through this, or sometimes there are instructions on display.
  • Print on A4 or A3 paper and bring along this timing card Timekeeping template, then time the group presentations. (Tip: Don’t let the alarm on your phone sound-off when the 6 minutes is up. Be more discreet)
  • Start thinking about how you will integrate your personal links into the overall storyline.
  • Assist groups who are presenting to test and run any audio-visual aids they plan to use:
    • If you’re switching between devices for presentations, beware that this can cause audio and video settings to change. These may need to be adjusted!
    • Ensure adapters are available if people are bringing their own devices. I’ve encountered at least 3 kinds of HDMI ports!

Now you know how to manage the room set up, AV tech, timing, H&S and tikanga for The Wall Walk!

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