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Step 2 - Grow-your-own knowledge

Unlike Wall Walk participants who only need to know about 1 topic before they attend a workshop, you need to know about all 10 topics. Click on the facilitator notes for each chart (below) and use the materials to learn how to explain each element on each chart. Note: what Sim says in a Wall Walk doesn’t necessarily cover all of the elements on the charts. Some of what she says isn’t even on the charts!

Tahi Under Representation Facilitator notes

Rua_Muru Me Te Raupatu Faciliatator notes

Toru_Ongoing Resistance_Facilitator notes

Wha_Mass Urbanisation_Facilitator notes

Rima_Renaissance_Facilitator notes

Familiarise yourself with the contents of these hyperlinks and resources

Read Watch Listen

Ask people in your networks to teach you what they know about the topics covered in The Wall Walk. Much of our history is not recorded.

Visit sites of significance and learn the history as told by the locals. You might be surprised what is ‘hiding in plain sight’. We’re fortunate in the Wellington region to have a book called “The Streets of My City” to draw upon. Other places will have similar resources.

 Now you’re several steps ahead of your audience. Keep it that way! 

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